Become a Neighborhood Leader & Help Get Out The Vote 2024!

Did you know that the single most important factor in whether people vote is a personal conversation with someone they know?

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 We are a grassroots organization resisting anti-democracy agendas and supporting pro-democracy candidates. We are inspired by the spirit and strategic objectives of the National Indivisible Guide.

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Become a Neighborhood Leader (NL)

It is simply talking. Talking to our Democratic neighbors in our own neighborhoods.   It is developing relationships of trust and truth. It is empowering people to become leaders. It is all about small democracy….one person making a difference one conversation at a time. Interested? For more information and support, send an email to: 

The NL program was designed to encourage voting by making use of Neighbor-to-Neighbor conversations. 

Volunteer Neighborhood Leaders are provided a list of Democratic voters in their neighborhood - their neighbors. 

Lists can be anywhere from around 30-50 names dependent upon the volunteer's wishes as well as the topography of the neighborhood (e.g. lists may be longer when houses are close, shorter when farther apart) 

The main goal is reminding Democrats to show up to vote!!   

Volunteers are asked to make a minimum of two contacts: 

1.  Late summer - Neighborhood Leaders introduce themselves as an informed Neighbor - someone who can help them if they have any questions about the election, candidates, etc.  

2. One to Two weeks before the election - reminder to vote again.  Leave door hanger with a personal note.  

Lists & door hanger can be provided by Indivisble MLS or MNDem Teams.



For More Information:

Vote-by-Mail Ballots - Delaware County, Pennsylvania (



Trump's Project 2025 will negatively affect every single American, even Republicans. 

Partial list of proposed changes by the Trump Project 2025, with chapter references:

• Privatize Social Security (c22, p715)

• Privatize veterans' healthcare (c20, p635)

• Privatize infrastructure projects (c19, p555)

• Privatize the Federal Aviation Administration (c19, p565)

• Reduce federal disaster relief programs (c16, p610)

• Reduce funding for federal research programs (c12, p415)

• Decrease regulations in healthcare (c14, p450)

• Reduce funding for public health programs (c14, p455)

• Repeal the Affordable Care Act (c14, p460)

• Promote free-market healthcare (c14, p465)

• Dismantle the Department of Education (c11, p365)

• Reduce federal student aid (c11, p385)

• Increase private sector role in public education (c11, p390)

• Limit federal involvement in technology standards (c28, p850)

• Reduce federal government intervention in various sectors (c1, p25)

• Cut federal support for renewable energy projects (c12, p405)

• Reduce regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency (c13, p425)

• Withdraw from international climate agreements (c13, p430)

• Reduce environmental regulations on businesses (c13, p440)

• Promote energy production on federal lands (c16, p600)

• Limit the jurisdiction of federal courts (c1, p40)

• Decrease the size of the federal workforce (c3, p95)

• Restructure the Department of Homeland Security (c5, p165)

• Reform the Department of Justice (c17, p565)

• Repeal Dodd-Frank financial regulations (c27, p800)

• Abolish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (c27, p815)

• Repeal net neutrality regulations (c28, p845)

• Eliminate the Department of Commerce (c21, p660)

• Limit federal involvement in local policing (c17, p575)

• Reduce business regulations (c18, p520)

• Reduce federal oversight of labor standards (c18, p530)

• Implement a flat tax system (c22, p700)

• Lower corporate tax rates (c22, p725)

• Restrict the powers of the Federal Reserve (c24, p770)

As well as the list from Drew Goins in the Washington Post

• Project 2025 would steeply reduce Medicaid funding and remove medication abortion drugs from the market.

• It would shutter LGBTQ+ health programs and have the government declare that heterosexual couples are the superior family structure. The term “sexual orientation” would be forbidden from federal legislation.

• It would terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that allows “dreamers” to stay in the United States and would lower legal immigration limits, as well.

• It would bring the FBI under direct control of the president and eliminate the Education Department.

• It would stop expansion of the electrical grid for wind and solar energy.

• It would make pornography illegal and imprison people who make it.

• It would officially recognize the Sabbath and infuse Judeo-Christian values throughout government.

• And it lays out how the president could purge nonpartisan civil servants and install loyalists who would accomplish all of this.

That government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from this earth. 

                                                                       -Abraham Lincoln